Turning Your Bathroom into a Peaceful Oasis for Relaxation

You always see in movies where people unwind with a steamy shower or hot bubble bath. Soaking in the tub is easier when your bathroom promotes relaxation, like your own personal peaceful oasis. While services that offer bathroom remodeling in salt lake city ut are always an option, there are DIY ways to create a calming environment before you call out the remodelers.

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Here are a few tips for refreshing your bathroom to help destress after a long day.

Invest in a Good Showerhead

The quality of your showerhead can make all the difference in your mood and cleanliness. A good shower head will cause water to thrum along your muscles for optimum relaxation and stress relief.

It’s as if you can feel the stress of the day literally pouring off of you in waves of water. Most showerheads are also adjustable, so you can find the perfect water pressure to massage your worries away.

Splurge on Your Favorite Scents

Soothing scents include favorites like lavender, vanilla, cucumber melon, and spearmint. Your relaxation is where you should splurge. Find body washes and shampoos in your favorite scents, then scrub your cares away. You will smell like you feel – awesome.

Think Fluffy Towels and Plush Rugs

Being comfortable and relaxed is key to creating an oasis in your bathroom. Think spa. That means oversized fluffy towels in your favorite, clean scents, and plush rugs to wriggle your toes on when you step out of the tub.

Side tip: Invest in a plush bathrobe for lounging after your bath or shower.

When you create an oasis in your bathroom, your focus should be on peace and calm. Adding your favorite scents, warm and fluffy feels, and a good cleansing shower head can go a long way towards relaxation after a stressful day.